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Why choose us over an overseas website outsource?

Although the prices are reasonably cheap for getting a website overseas, there is a warning… you get what you pay for.

It has been seen that the low cost of a website overseas results to:

  • Bloated coding and over-use of plugins
  • Outdated design techniques
  • Poor performance on mobile, tablet, laptops
  • Old coding techniques causing vulnerability exposing yourself to hackers and bots
  • Slow performance
  • Poor communication

As you can see that if you do choose to get a great deal overseas it may end up costing you more in the long run because rather than paying what a website is worth up front you pay for a developer to go in and fix all of the problems that they created, which in most circumstances it leads to redoing the whole site. That takes too much time and money.

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  • These are not fixed website development and design prices. The prices quoted on this page can vary depended on the clients wanted results. This is a rounded version of what our base prices are. Call or email if further information is required.
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